Last Day of Pair Programming

As the title shows, yes, this was our last day of pair programming! Over the weeks, I have come to realize the true gains of pairing: faster execution, fewer mistakes, strengthening of technical communication, dynamic learning. With that said, I still preferred solo programming. To me, programming is an intimate experience, liken to writing poetry to a computer. I found it exceedingly difficult to enjoy the process in the beginning - how can one cooperate to write an expressive poem? 2 minds, 1 piece of paper. However, as the material got denser and as the pace quickened, I often found pairing to be a relief. Typically, we would encounter problems that we had not seen before, and it was helpful to have 2 sets of eyes and 2 streams of consciousness engaging new material.

I think Ned realized the importance of being able to complete projects solo. Once we had gone through new material in pairs, we now began to tackle similar projects on our own. This was very helpful, because sometimes when you’re pairing, if you don’t know something and your partner does, you fly through things that you would otherwise need to struggle through. I think App Academy has found the goldylocks balance of paired days to solo days.

The project was to create a Gist clone. A Gist is an extension of Github - its a place to host code snippets, which then can be shared easily with others. Backbone played a primary role in the development of this project. Unfortunately, we started this project after a late lunch, so there wasn’t enough time to finish, but on Monday we will go over this project. This is a key project to nail, as it will build experience with Backbone - a front end technology I wish to use in my final project!